World's Most Beautiful Bookstores

From an opulent bookshop in a repurposed theater to a charmingly weathered store on a canal, these gorgeous shops are worth a visit. You don't have to be an avid reader to enjoy walking the aisles of a bookstore, though it helps to have a healthy appreciation of the written word. Even as the way we read becomes increasingly digitized, there's no replacement for the pleasure of getting lost in a temple to knowledge, especially when it happens to be a feast for the eyes. Read on for 14 shops that are just that.

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The Sound of Music City

As our guests know, while New Orleans is the celebrated birthplace of jazz, Nashville, on the other hand, is known as Music City, where much of Americana music was borne or revitalized. Given this musical connection, their relative close proximity in the American South, their historical similarities as critical river ports established as European military colony outposts on native land, and their valiant efforts to remain culturally relevant, an increasing stream of requests for Nashville has presented itself to our office...

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Bespoke Journey to Escondido

Last month the San Diego Professional Tour Guide Association went on a familiarization trip to Escondido, and of course Bespoke Experiences was part of it. While Escondido is its own city, it is within San Diego County located just north of the city only 30 minutes from downtown San Diego.

Let us whet your appetite for the culinary, artistic and viniculture experiences that await you by describing our journey....

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Oh, The Places We’ll Go

Bespoke Experiences is growing up and expanding our horizons. This month we’re excited to announce our market extension into San Diego, California. What an exciting way to mark a company milestone - our second destination is launched on our second anniversary!

You asked. As always, we’re happy to oblige...

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New Orleans Weather and Wardrobe

Once your custom itinerary has been designed, the next question we’re asked is what to pack. Weather and culture are important considerations when traveling to our sub-tropical climate.

So here are our top three packing tips: What To Pack When You’re Travelling to New Orleans...

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Conscious Credibility

I often find myself describing what we do as “dancing the line between an event planner, VIP concierge, life-styler, and luxury private tour guide”. Defining what we do as world-class Experience Architects may take a little more explaining than simply calling us tour guides. And your time with us is more than just a private tour...

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How Much Should I Tip In New Orleans

As your local friends and trusted advisors, we’d like to introduce an important lesson in New Orleans tipping etiquette. As a Canadian I get a chuckle from the joke “How do Canadians and canoe’s differ?...


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