The Sound of Music City

It’s officially a trend – 4 in 4. Bespoke Experiences is launching our fourth destination on our fourth anniversary!
And in keeping with the pattern, four of us headed up from our flagship New Orleans office to collaborate with our experts on the ground to network, engage our partners at the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation, and fine tune our exhaustive destination research.


As our guests know, while New Orleans is the celebrated birthplace of jazz, Nashville, on the other hand, is known as Music City, where much of Americana music was borne or revitalized. Given this musical connection, their relative close proximity in the American South, their historical similarities as critical river ports established as European military colony outposts on native land, and their valiant efforts to remain culturally relevant, an increasing stream of requests for Nashville has presented itself to our office. Often one after the other.

Despite its vast popularity as a country-and-western music mecca, Nashville is much, much more. The music scene, alone, is much more diverse than I initially understood before our client requests had us delving deeper into the city. And the food scene is fantastic. Prior, I had never heard of ‘meat and 3’ which means you order a protein, such as fried chicken, and you get your choice of three side dishes. These country-cafeteria-style restaurants are everywhere and iconic to the culinary landscape. Don’t even get me started on their notorious ‘hot chicken’ – wow! Casual dining aside, fine dining venues have popped up throughout the charming neighborhoods, positioning themselves with the luxury shopping boutiques on almost every corner. Music City is quantifiably a monied city – Civil War thoroughbred estates adjacent to pop star mansions with Vanderbilt, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, and other worthy draws peppered into the mix.


In our opinion, anytime is great to see Nashville. Are you trying to beat or join the crowds? Experience a festival or awards ceremony, or relax in the back of a local joint for a live gig? The weather is lovely from April to September, with hot summer months aligning with summer school break for North American families. You may face high humidity in the summer (July – August), and temperatures in the winter (December – February) can be low and lead to snow. Let us know your travel dates, and we’ll let you know what’s going on while you’re in town. Or check here, to coordinate your trip with a special event.

We look forward to seeing you in Nashville!