To be an effective member of our company, you:

  • are well-travelled, acquainted with the luxury and adventure travel hospitality standards
  • demonstrate a clear understanding of the high expectations of our most demanding international clientele
  • have deep-rooted destination knowledge and substantial destination experience
  • have a brilliant, conceptual mind with an innate curiosity for unique insights
  • are creative, inventive, unorthodox, positively engaging and excellence-seeking
  • will be irreproachably dedicated to all aspects of our clients’ experiences
  • demonstrate entrepreneurial drive: obsessive attention to detail and big picture thinking
  • enjoy an energetically fit and active lifestyle displaying intuitive leadership
  • are cultivated, articulate, well-read, well-dressed, well-spoken and professional yet remain an approachable, self-sacrificing consummate host
  • can visualize a journey, plot out its various elements in exceptional detail and then tell a richer and inspiring travel story which is personalized to each client and your locale

Other characteristics that we value include: ingenuity, flexibility, kindness, integrity, patience, stamina, humor, grace under pressure and the ability to think on your feet in all situations.

All of our ideal colleagues meet these other requirements:

  • locally authorized/trained tour guide meeting local licensing requirements. (membership in local and/or international associations is a plus)
  • valid driver’s license (chauffeur license or local equivalent) and spotless driving record
  • flexible schedule
  • university/college education (a high level of extra-curricular engagement is beneficial)
  • connected and savvy: smart phone + computer + social media
  • fluency in more than one language is advantageous
  • current certification in first aid and CPR is preferred