Felicia COHEN
Experience Ambassador

Originally from Montreal, Felicia began her career in the Photographic Industry before moving to London and eventually returning to Toronto. Her passion for guiding began as a volunteer Gallery Guide at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which led her to launch a new tourism career. With extensive experience in and around Toronto, the Niagara region, and other Canadian destinations, her engaging and active approach enhances her art, culinary, wine, walking, and cycling experiences.

Tourist Guide Association of Toronto certified guide

Felicia COHEN


Montreal, QC

Aisle or Window


Hidden Gem

Taking visitors to Toronto Islands or lesser known areas of the city.

Ideal Sunday

At the Art Gallery of Ontario, or other art galleries. In the summer, a cycle in the ravines.

Travel Item

As a guide, having all my research in my head, and a great itinerary, with flexibility. As a traveller, I love have my knitting with me, when travelling on my own.

You Must Know

Toronto weather; a city of extremes!

Bucket List

Fogo Island in the Summer, the Seychelles in the Winter.

My Role

Providing an experience in Toronto that exceeds expectations.