As an award-winning photojournalist, author and jazz historian, John delves deep into his New Orleans Spanish Colonial roots and city connections to ensure guests are presented both facts and anecdotes based on his authentic lens. He’s able to refine his pioneering perspectives on oft-overlooked jazz-greats, Hurricane Katrina coverage and his collection of rare Victrola phonographs from the gallery of his newly restored shotgun-double on Algier’s Point while photographing the sun setting on the French Quarter across the Mississippi.

Licensed Professional New Orleans Tour Guide



New Orleans, Louisiana

Aisle or Window

Either, as long as it is first in line for the drink cart!

Hidden Gem

Home of Buddy Bolden, the first jazz band leader.

Ideal Sunday

Brass band parade in Central City.

Travel Item

Coffee and chicory

You Must Know

Things are different here… they just are.

Bucket List

Patagonia, South America

My Role

Sharing the city I love with our guests.