Edmond Woodfork Jr (aka Woody)

The first question asked of a true New Orleanian is, where did you go to school? To this, Edmond (Woody) proudly exclaims, Warren Easton Charter then Southern University. After graduation he earned accolades as the Louisiana NCO of the year while serving over two decades with The National Guard seeing action overseas during Operation Desert Shield. Once home he used his business education, service training and natural charm to gain a solid reputation in luxury retail and the automotive industry. Today, he keeps his wife and dogs happy completing ‘honey-dew’ projects when he’s not riding his motorcycle or out fishing.

Licensed Professional New Orleans Tour Guide
Licensed Chauffeur

Edmond Woodfork Jr


New Orleans, LA

Aisle or Window

Emergency exit row - I need the extra legroom

Hidden Gem

City Park (although it’s not very hidden since it’s bigger than Central Park, Manhattan)

Ideal Sunday

Gas-tank-therapy – taking a motorcycle ride anywhere with anyone

Travel Item

Cell phone and a good back-pack

You Must Know

New Orleans is more than just the French Quarter (and certainly more than Bourbon Street)!

Bucket List

Egypt to see the Great Pyramids

My Role

Showing guests parts of New Orleans they didn’t know existed; surprising and delighting them with new discoveries.