Growing up in the frozen north, Alec was mystified by New Orleans at an early age. He bee-lined here the first chance he got to study Brazilian music on a master’s fellowship at Tulane. His work as a photographer has brought him through south Louisiana’s deepest nooks and crannies, and he can take you as far off the beaten path as your heart desires.

Licensed Professional New Orleans Tour Guide
Licensed Chauffeur



South Bend, Indiana

Aisle or Window

Window, so I can sleep against it.

Hidden Gem

Central American food center at Dix Jazz Market.

Ideal Sunday

A secondline parade, nap, Walter Wolfman Washington at Maple Leaf Bar.

Travel Item

My laptop

You Must Know

To stay for an entire Sunday.

Bucket List

Lisbon, Makoko (Lagos, Nigeria), basically all of India.

My Role

Picking up people in the morning as total blank slates and dropping them off at the end of the day pretty deeply well-equipped to deal with town.