Bennjin Lao
Experience Ambassador

Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and a Nashville, Tennessee resident since the late '90's, Bennjin aspires to be a true southern gentleman. He has a deep and abiding love of travel, especially for sports, music, food, and adventure - not always in that order. When he's not exploring the incomparable music and culinary scenes of Nashville, his other passions include backwoods camping and the never-ending chase of an errantly hit tennis ball.
Fluently bilingual: English and Fujien Chinese

Bennjin Lao


Fort Worth, Texas

Aisle or Window

Window, but always defer to the child or lady in my travel party

Hidden Gem

Joey's Pizza, Manny's House of Pizza, and The Peanut Shop next door to Manny's.

Ideal Sunday

Enjoying the sights and sounds of another Super Bowl victory by the Dallas Cowboys.

Travel Item

A trusty toothbrush, a bottle of water, and an old-school paper map (for times I prefer not to be intentionally lost).

You Must Know

Boots and cowboy hats are for tourists, unless you're an aspiring musician in a honky-tonk, or a Texan.

Bucket List

Trekking across Antarctica, or having safely returned to base camp of Mount Everest.

My Role

Having the opportunity to meet friendly folks who appreciate travel, while giving them a chance to see favorite and/or hidden parts of the city.