Tad Pierson
Road Ethnographer aka Experience Ambassador

Tad is a 30 year veteran of the travel industry, owning and operating his own tour company where he coined the term Anthrotourism to describe his approach to the business of Travel. Before that he traveled his own journey around the globe. He is perhaps more interested in Why you travel than Where you travel. His love of the Blues and the history of American music led him to Memphis and the Mississippi Delta. He agrees with Willie Nelson who said, "Most people love that fantasy of catching the train that whistles in the night."

Tad Pierson


Memphis, TN

Aisle or Window

Window....on a train

Hidden Gem

Wild Bill's Blues Club on Saturday night. Rev. Al Green's Church on Sunday morning.

Ideal Sunday

A tank of gas and a new road.

Travel Item

Open heart open mind.

You Must Know

The name of B.B. King's guitar.

Bucket List

Liverpool, England. Freehold, New Jersey. Hibbing, Minnesota. Vintage Trailer/RV Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart, Indiana.

My Role

The Team