Samuel BLUM

As someone who has lived in five US states, and spent a couple of years in France, I am more than just an international fugitive. It was living in Europe that provided me with the opportunity to travel to unique locales and appreciate the history, architecture, food and cultures of the world. I jumped into the travel and tourism industry in 2015, going on to lead tours throughout the western and northeastern United States, in addition to showcasing Southern California. I look forward to sharing the many highlights of Los Angeles!

Certification: International Tour Management Institute

Samuel BLUM


Houston, TX / Tuscaloosa, AL

Aisle or Window

Under 4 hours: window. Anything longer: aisle please!

Hidden Gem

There are a few great speakeasy-style cocktail bars scattered throughout the Los Angeles area. I would tell you where they are, but only if you have the password...

Ideal Sunday

Enjoying the sun and outdoors as much as possible by taking advantage of the accessible nature hikes all around the region.

Travel Item

Quality ear plugs

You Must Know

Los Angeles is the most populous county in the entire United States, thus it's practically impossible to simply and concisely define what "Los Angeles" is as it's home to 10 million residents from all around the world.

Bucket List

I would have to put New Zealand at the top of the "must see" list.

My Role

What is most fulfilling is being able to showcase the best of what my city offers beyond the cliché, expected destinations, especially if it's the first time visiting. The goal is to intrigue the guest so much that they'll want to plan another excursion to see even more of what's hidden throughout!