Adrian MAHER

Adrian is a professional tour director and guide who started his career in his family's inbound tour business. Now, with more than two decades of experience in the travel industry, he’s developed extensive knowledge and skills in international, domestic, and local touring, group procedures, safety rules, documentation, emergencies, and creating engaging narration. He has also worked as a documentary filmmaker, journalist, and instructor. His strong organizational, managerial, writing, public speaking, teaching, research, and interpersonal skills enable him to connect with people from all backgrounds and ensure that each trip is unforgettable for all.

Member: IATDG Tour Director Assn
Member: Southern California Tour Guide Assn
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Adrian MAHER


Born in Montreal, Canada. Moved to Los Angeles at 10 years old.

Aisle or Window

Aisle seat.

Hidden Gem

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook in Los Angeles County, Culver City.

Ideal Sunday

Beach volleyball and surfing with friends.

Travel Item

Book Title: "Southern California: An Island on the Land"

You Must Know

Bring lots of sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.

Bucket List

A month touring Iceland

My Role

Meeting new, curious, outgoing, interesting travelers.