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Jennifer first discovered her love for sharing stories and experiences while obtaining her Master’s Degree in Art History. She began working in the travel industry in 2014 and has since cultivated her passion for history, culture, and the great outdoors working as a tour director and local guide. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Jennifer now lives in Tucson with her husband, two children, and cat named Cat. Jennifer is an avid reader who spends her free time hiking, practicing yoga, and watching football with her family.

Jennifer Maldonado


Tucson, AZ

Aisle or Window

Aisle for short flights window for long

Hidden Gem

The Shelter Cocktail Lounge. It’s a swanky, 60s era bar built in an old bomb shelter, complete with original sputnik light fixture and JKF memorabilia. I’m almost positive it’s unchanged since 1963!

Ideal Sunday

Watching football with family.

Travel Item

Comfortable walking shoes.

You Must Know

Be adventurous! Explore something the locals recommend, something you’ll never find at home.

Bucket List

Brazil, Morocco, Malaysia, Ibiza. And all 50 States in the Union..

My Role

It’s fun. Our team is a joy to work with and I love making people’s vacation dreams come true.