Tebbe Davis wasn’t born and raised in Asheville but got here as fast as he could. He is a beloved resident for the past 20 years, and recognized as one of Asheville’s finest artists, specializing in cosmic abstracts. Tebbe is also a humorist and entertainer; performing in numerous local productions and performance art projects. He truly loves sharing the extensive history of Asheville through its distinctive buildings to anyone who will listen. Tebbe is also the owner of Creative Seekers Tours which hosts tours of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.
Fluent in: Spanish, German

Master Story Teller



Born in San Fransisco and grew up coast to coast. Lived in Europe while in the Army

Aisle or Window

Window, all about the view

Hidden Gem

Asheville is the singularly unique city in America , the Architecture supported by the quirky personalities that made it iso.

Ideal Sunday

leave the phone at home and go for a long leisurely walk with my wife and the dogs.

Travel Item

My wife. she is such a great companion and my absolute best friend.

You Must Know

Open your mind open your heart and be prepared to fall in love.

Bucket List

New Zealand. Its the farthest place from here that I ve never been.

My Role

Being a true Concierge to the visitor; helping them navigate the menu of all this city has to offer